New Year’s Eve Limo Rental

During this festive season, many of you are going to parties and events. The one that stands out from the rest is the New Year’s Eve party. Probably there a many reasons that make it stand out, but let’s be honest, the New Year’s Eve party is also without a few drinks and friends and families. Without these three it’s kind of dry. As the New Year approaches, I Love Miami Limos off you the chance to enjoy 2018 New Year’s eve limo rental. We have put together the best limo packages for a memorable new year’s eve. I Love Miami limos will help make your 2018 New Year’s Eve party on that you will never forget. Using our 2018 New Year’s Eve limo rental packages, we will make sure you enjoy this special night with the party you love and the destination of your choice. You can rent one of our beautiful limousines that are equipped with all amenities needed to make the night extra special. After you book for your reservations, we will be there to pick you up from the place of your choice and get you the destination of your choice, we will also take you safely back you for home or hotel room after you get your new year’s kiss. This year, our 2018 New Year’s Eve limo rental has been discounted for a few of our packages. We want to provide you with a special and an unaffordable new year’s celebration. Here are some of our New Year’s Eve limousine specials:
  • New Year’s Eve couples package for only you and your loved one
  • New Year’s Eve family and friends package where you can rent a Hummer limo and other stretch limos that can accommodate your friends and family.
  • New Year’s dinner package. Our chauffeur will take you to your dinner and back home at affordable fees
  • New Year’s party package will offer you all the amenities you need, including accommodation for your group of friends.

New Year’s Eve party shuttle

At I Love Miami limos, we have party shuttles that can be used for a larger group of guest. We know that throwing a party is the eve of the New Year’s is a must for some people. Let us shuttle your guest to and from your party location using amour party shuttle. We will be there from the time you request us and until all your guest gets to their homes safe. Our designated drivers and chauffeur will make sure your family/friends are safe and DUI free. With our 2018 New Year’s Eve limo rentals, we will pick you up from your home to your destination on time. After the night, we will be there to make sure you get home safely. There is no need to worry about drunk driving, cops and causing an accident or even getting lost. We will take care of you from the time we pick you up to the time you get home. If the party continues somewhere else or you want to make a few stops with the limo, whatever it is, riding in our limos is the safest way to do that. It’s also classy.