Limo rides are a perfect add-on to Group Spa, and makeover services, wedding, and parties. However, for ladies who want to make a statement when going out with friends or family member, getting Pink limo rental is an exception. From ladies-only celebrations and hen night, there is nothing better than hiring pink limos for I Love Miami limos. Our Pink Limo Rental is an ideal way to get your celebrations started. With our signature Pink Limo, you get to celebrate friends and family in style. Limos are both affordable and fun, but pink limos adds color and glamour to your special day or event.

How many passengers can the pink limo transport?

our pink limo can comfortably transport up to 20 passengers.

What events should the pink limo be rented for?

Our Pink limos are available for anyone who wants to use them. They can be used for:

  • Limo rides around Miami city and South Florida areas
  • Party in the Pink Limo
  • 1-way Limo ride (from your home to the venue or vise versa)
  • Round-trip Limo rides
  • The Limo’s available if you want to attend community events such as grand opening, fairs, and carnivals.

How much to rent a pink limo?

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Pink Limo rental 1 hour $249
Pink Limo Rental 2 hours $325
Pink Limo Rental 3 hours $375
Pink Limo 4 hours $450
Pink Limo 5 hours $575

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Pink Limo Exterior & Interior

Coming with a sleek and stylish look, our pink Limo is an eye-catching limo that will turn the heads of many people everywhere your pass. Out eye-catching pink Limo helps you to stand out from the cloud. If you are the kind of person who loves attention, pink limo from I Love Miami Limos won’t disappoint you.

Our pink limos have state of the art interior design for a truly glamorous ride. The cars feature to include, fiber option and mood lighting, a flat screen LCD, iPod/DVD/Cd connectivity, air conditioning and a bar where you can get the refreshments. The bar contains a full crystal glassware.

Why should you rent pink Limousine?

Our pink limo rental come with professional chauffeurs who will always help you with everything you need. The chauffeurs go out of their way to make your ride a comfortable as possible. They will make sure you have an experience like never before. You can be sure of getting professional services as all our chauffeurs are experienced and trained to perfection.

After you book our pink limos, you can count on I Love Miami limos to deliver exceptional services. We work together with our clients from the time of booking time until you arrive safely at your destination. We offer ride packages that are tailored to fit the needs of each and every client. We do everything we can to make sure you enjoy your ride and get that unforgettable pink limo experience.