For Chrysler Limousine, I love Miami Limos offer Chrysler limo 300 and Chrysler limo with Rolls Royce front and jet door or we can say rolls royce limo

How many passengers can the Chrysler limo transport?

Our Chrysler limo can comfortably transport 12 passengers.

What events should the Chrysler Limousine be rented for?

The most common event that customers often rent our Chrysler Limousine is a wedding. In addition, it's also rented for business and party events such as birthday and bachelor parties.


How much to rent a Chrysler limo?

Chrysler Limo 300/hour $185
Chrysler Limo 300/ 2hours $260
Chrysler Limo 300/ 3hours $325
Chrysler Limo 300/ 4hours $395
Chrysler Limo 300/ 5hours $495
Rolls Royce Limo/hour $275
Rolls Royce Limo/ 2hours $350
Rolls royce lim/ 3hours $450
Rolls royce limo/ 4hours $525
Rolls Royce Limo/ 5hours $595

Chrysler 300 Limo photos

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Rolls Royce Limo photos

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