Motor coach bus rentals are environmentally sound and very fuel efficient, and I Love Miami Limos offers state of the art motor coach buses on special request to tour the state of Florida. Motor Coaches are ideal for conferences, charters, social gatherings, corporate groups, school field trips, church reunions, or any occasion that calls for large group transportation in the safest and most comfortable manner. Enjoy sitting back and leaving the navigation to us. Our fleet of deluxe motor coaches includes models with the following seating capacities: motor coach bus rental

  • 49 passengers
  • 53 passengers
  • 59 passengers
  • 61 passengers
Motor Coach
Motor Coach


Motor coach bus rental services are extended to alumni, field trips, business conferences, and other social gatherings. The drivers are highly trained and licensed so your safety is our prime responsibility and concern.
We have facilities including:

  • Air-conditioning
  • PA system
  • Toilets
  • Televisions
  • LED strobe lighting (optional)
  • Block buster sound system

Feasible for longer field trips concerning your comfort

You Can Relax

The high back seats are perfect for straightening your back when on a road trip and watching a movie. You can also sleep comfortably in our custom-made seats. You can sit and relax while enjoying the beautiful landscapes that come the way.

No Need to Worry About Navigation

It is a fantastic opportunity for our customers as we take up all your travel worries that you may face when traveling in your car because you leave the navigation to us and sit back, listen to music, read a book, or even sleep.

The restrooms are spacious enough to accommodate several people at a time.

Your Luggage – Handled

Now, what is the biggest concern in your journey beside comfort? Luggage of course. No luggage space means not an acceptable option BUT we have taken up all your worries in that aspect too. Motor coach bus rental service has a lot of room for accommodating all your luggage in hesitantly because we serve to satisfy our customers.
Regarding payment, we have flexible rates for our customers depending upon the number of passengers and services acquired but do not worry because it will cost you a lot less than a fortune.

Why Choose Our Coach Bus Rental Service

A person would ask why they would prefer our service to others. We have the answer to that too. Motor coach bus rental service will yield you an extraordinary and unforgettable journey in possible reasonable rates so that you revisit us for your every road trip.

If you add up the cost of your journey in your car, you will surely give us a chance to serve you because our service will cost much less.

The intervals during your journey can add up to your experience, we also serve in that aspect. To let you explore your destination completely is what we aim and promise. Your comfort and safety are our only concern.

To request a motor coach rental from I Love Miami Limos, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss pricing and vehicle options.