There are moments in our lives that we hope to make an impact on all those who interact and observe us, as well. I Love Miami Limos has made it possible for you to arrive in a vehicle that is guaranteed to turn heads and help you make an impact that will transcend time. Booking a chauffeured arrival in I Love Miami Limos’ Rolls Royce Limo and Rolls Royce antique car is the perfect backdrop for you to stop time and become unforgettable in that moment.

What events should you rent the rolls royce limo?

Our rolls royce should be rented for any wedding events which is for the bride and groom. If you are a group of people who attending wedding events then the rolls royce limo with the jet door should be your first priority while the rolls royce antique car is for those who are keen in vintage. But it  does not stop there, our rolls royce can also be used for luxury events where your friends, or partners are impressed.

How many passengers can the rolls royce transport?

Our rolls royce antique car can transport 2-3 passengers. While the rolls royce limo with the jet door can transport up to 12 people.

How much to rent a rolls royce limo?

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Rolls royce limo 1 hour $275
Rolls Royce Limo 2 hours $350
Rolls royce limo 3 hours $450
Rolls royce limo 4 hours $525
Rolls royce limo 5 hours $595
Rolls royce car 3 hours $800
Rolls Royce Car 4 hours $1200
Rolls royce car 5 hours $1500

Avaiable locations

Our Rolls Royce antique car and the limo are available in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and all of South Florida.

The rolls royces are such a staple it transcends every event, any theme, or color scheme. It becomes part of the memory and is an amazing backdrop for you to make an impact that is eternal. I Love Miami Limos makes it easy and affordable for you to book with an exceptional driver and red carpet service that is guaranteed to impact your occasions with class and glamour that is timeless.

Rolls Royce Antique Car

Rolls Royce Limo

*** All prices may be subject to driver fee and fuel surcharge.

*** Prices may also be subject to black out days, holidays or weekend and hourly minimums