Why should you choose a Party bus rental for birthday party?

No matter their age, their interest, their gender, or their peer group a party bus rental for birthday party is an unforgettable, yet affordable birthday celebration. Last year my 7 year old daughter rented out an indoor bounce house place the kids seem to have fun but they were bored after an hour passed. I was out $300 for the rental and another $150 for cake and food. For $450 it was not that special or that memorable. The year before that we tried taking a small group ice skating. My daughter liked it but it was a nightmare for me. Getting everyone in skates no one wanted to go on the ice without holding on to me. The party broke my back and my bank account. This year we finally got it right: we rented a party bus for her birthday party. It was if we rented a limo and a dance club. The kids had a blast lighting up the town. We cruised A1A made a pit stop at the gourmet cupcake and wine store.(cupcake for the kids, wine for the moms). It is a birthday neither of us will ever forget. The first good decision I made was renting a party bus for my daughter’s birthday the next good decision I made was using I Love Miami Limos. The driver made the experience simultaneously fun and elegant. My daughter and her friends were treated like clients not like bothersome children. The music and the lights were great; it is nothing short of a dance club on the move.

Party Bus Rental Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Gj-xQbwkaM A dear friend of mine recently took my advice and rented a party bus from I Love Miami Limos for her son’s 15th birthday. She told me her son was so grateful he keep his room clean for almost two weeks. She was able to let her son and a handful of his friends plus all their dates hit the town without being driven around by their parents (lame). They went out for dinner cruised the strip and got to dance at a private club (the party bus) for their last stop they met mom, dad and the rest of the family at the beach for birthday cake. His party was nearly 6 months ago and my friend says it still gets talked about and some of the other parents have reached out to Ilovemiamilimos.com to provide their kids with a birthday party fun enough for the scrapbook. If you are planning a birthday celebration in the near future and thinking a party bus rental for birthday party do yourself a favor and contact Ilovemiamilimos.com to guarantee success without the huge financial and time commitments that usually come hand in hand. This article is from a customer who want to share her experience about our limo service