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Why You Should Not Rent a Limo with Limo Booking Agency Site?

If you are thinking of getting the services of a Miami Limousine booking agency site, then we suggest that you stop for a few minutes and read this post till the end. This is because whether you need a small limo or a big party bus Miami, you will likely be at the loss if you go with a booking agency, read the article to know why:

They Don’t Have Their Own Limos:

When it comes to renting a limo with the booking agency site, the most important thing that you should always keep in mind is that they do not have their own fleets. Yes, you read it right! No matter how big limo booking agency site you land on, there is a good chance that you will be sent a limo from a random company.

So this means they outsource a limo from another company and you don’t know who that company is. This is straight cheating because you don’t know which limo company you are paying for. Maybe they have a very bad rating on Google and you are sent the limo from the same company.

You Don’t Know Who is On the Other Side:

A point that is stemmed from the previous point is that you do not know who is on the other side. And by that, we mean that you don’t know which limo company you are dealing with. All you are seeing is just a website that will send any Miami limousine ranging from an escalade to a party bus Miami.

But, what you don’t know is how credible the company that has sent the limo to you is. This is because the limo is being outsourced to you so there is no easy way to tell from which company it is. And this really puts your safety on the line because that company may be known for having frequent breakdowns in their limos.

And god forbid if this happens while someone is on the road in heavy traffic, they can get into a big accident. Furthermore, since there is no information that can help you see how credible the Miami limousine company is, you don’t know if you can trust yourself or your loved ones with their cars or their chauffeurs.

They Take Their Cut

This is one of the worst reasons why you should not rent a limo with limo booking agency site. The fact that they are outsourcing limos from another company, they will be charging very high prices. The reason is simple; they have to pay a large portion to the actual limo company which means they will have to charge more to get a good profit for themselves.

This factor alone makes it useless to even consider getting the services of limo booking agencies. The prices are not transparent, so you don’t know how high you are paying and honestly, the service is not very good for the high prices which takes us to the next point;

Quality is Mostly Not Good:

Since you don’t know the limo company that is sending the limo to you, do you really think they will bother much about maintaining the quality? They do not have a fear of getting a bad review or losing the customer because you are directly not their customer.

This is the reason that their drivers are out of control and they do things that are not very professional. The drivers usually don’t arrive on time; they may also not be very friendly and may not drive while keeping your safety in mind.

Furthermore, you should not expect their cars ranging from small antique Rolls Royce to big Party Bus Miami to be squeaky clean from the inside. Granted, they may clean them from the outside to maintain the look but who knows, you may find a chewed gum stuck under your seat.

Make Sure to Hire Limos Directly From Limo Rental Companies:

So now that you know why you should never go for the limo booking agencies, it is always better to contact the limo rental providers directly. This way, you will clearly know who you are dealing with, and the limo service providers will also be very careful as their reputation will be on the line.

Furthermore, if you directly deal with the limo service providers, you will get much cheaper rates than from the limo booking agencies. This is because there will no cut of the agency, and the payment will be made directly to the rental service provider.

I Love Miami Limousine Can Help You:

If you have made up your mind to get the service directly from a reputable Miami limousine rental service provider, then I Love Miami Limousine can facilitate you and everyone else who would like to join you.

This is because we have an extensive range of vehicles ranging from Escalades for seating a few people to party bus Miami to facilitate up to 50 people and more.