Why should we rent a party bus for prom?

As prom approaches and plans are being made it is important you do not let other people dictate the kind of prom you will have. Prom can become cliche and over produced if you allow yourself to get wrapped up in the details and the drama. If you want to have a great prom night. You need to start your prom night great. Why should we rent a party bus for prom? It is the only way to make this one night of prom majic and memeriories start the way you want, with friends and fun, pictures and laughter.

Reasons why we should rent a party bus for prom?

The most important element that a party bus brings is safety. Considering a party bus can accommodate up to 50 people with a guaranteed professional, trained, safe and sober driver. While your on the cusp of taking on the world it good to know you do have a trained professional present in the event of an emergency or unseemly situation you may not yet have experienced and want some guidance. Why rent a party bus for prom? you have a responsible adult available only when you need or want one. It allows your parents to be reassured a night of fun and celebration does not end in a tragedy. Of all the memeriories that prom creates one of the greatest is your arrival to the event. Everyone standing at the entrance taking pictures looking at the dresses and hairdos, but what really gets their hearts pumping is how you arrive. So again why should we rent a party bus for prom? Imagine their jaws dropping to the floor as your fabulous group arrives the bass thumping Cardi B blazin out two dozen speakers, as you ascend it is clear you have brought the fun, the glamour, the unforgettable times with you and the flashes are almost blinding because everyone wants a picture. You will never forget how you feel in that moment like you can do or be anything. Your an actor and all the world your stage. The third reason why we should rent a party bus for prom? Let’s start thinking about when the party really starts popping. Everyone knows it is the after parties that hold all the excitement. You and your friends your dates have the freedom to do an after prom party crawl while having your own after party on board. Why get stuck at the first party. You can predict who is going to throw the best after party or where people will be when. A party bus rental offers the fun and freedom to let your night play out the way you want. Let your night end with a bonfire at the beach. You have the freedom to dictate your evening and keep the party going along the way. Of course the party bus will safely bring fun and memeriories but at what cost? The great thing about getting a party bus for prom is you can start dividing cost with every new member of your group with the capacity a party bus offers 15-50 the cost becomes very affordable while making a huge impact on your night. Although limos are not a bad why to go they have been done. Why should we rent a party bus for prom?. It is fresh, affordable, fun, responsible, memorable and worth it. It is the best move you can make to guarantee a great prom. I can guarantee the best place to find party bus rentals. I Love Miami Limos is the only name in south Florida which has a beautiful well maintained fleet, check out our limos and party bus gallery. We can accommodate any size group. The drivers at I Love Miami Limos are second to none, accommodating, professional, trained and licensed. Ilovemaimilimos.com guarantees the most affordable rates in town. Now you know where and why you should rent a party bus for prom!